The Nature

Faith in Nature or God

When one adopts the Holistic method of research or perception and investigation, which is by breathing,smelling,sensing,perceiving, interacting and discovering by feeling, one has to depend totally on nature. Another name for nature is God. But God is felt and can never be defined or described in words. When words are used, faith gets diluted.
Faith grows naturally and that growth cannot be stopped. Actually the faith is felt by the Biosphere as a whole and that faith cannot be put in the 3D language of human beings. Faith or feeling cannot be maintained if the Biosphere is damaged or destroyed. Faith is the basic characteristic of the Biosphere as a whole, —the Theo-sphere.
Today we do not really believe as we cannot feel. We give and get lectures about Theism and Atheism, like the lectures on running given by a person who has no legs.
Rapid industrialization means the rapid destruction of God

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