Newspaper reading

Anay Dwivedi

I tried to do it for The Hindu. But couldn’t do it properly at I need either the newspaper or epaper, which isn’t available.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter much as 2 examples (ToI and ET) are enough to get an idea. Just apply the same concept to Hindu as well. I will try to get hold of an issue of the paper in the next few days and let you know.

The Economic Times, Tuesday, 29 June 2010, Delhi edition

(available on

Page1: Look up terms such as base rate if you don’t know. Also, the G20 article is worth reading. I wouldn’t have cut it. But it gives an idea about how negotiations involve give & take and what is the talk of the town as far as world economy is concerned.

Page 2: I would have cut the article on India- Canada civil nuclear deal. Facts…

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