Vibrato…music voice technique

How can I eliminate a phlegm-like blockage in my vocal cords?Answered by wikiHow Contributor
Stay away from dairy and sugars, which help to make this kind of blockage.
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Sometimes when I sing I feel dizzy. What could be the problem? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
You are probably taking a breath from your chest, not your stomach. When you breathe in choir, your shoulders should stay relaxed and your diaphragm should expand. Also, if you are singing too high, you could get dizzy.
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My vocal coach said my vibrato isn’t strong enough, even though I have a very good vibrato. Do you have tips on how to improve that? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
Don’t force a vibrato, it’s really bad for your voice.
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Where am I supposed to feel vibrato? Answered by Belle_1234
You should feel a buzzing in your throat, neck or vocal cords.
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I cannot seem to get any vibrato when I am relaxed and my throat is open. How do I achieve it? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
It could be your vocal cords. Vibrato will develop naturally when it’s ready, so just be patient.
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How do I breathe from my diaphragm? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
These two articles may help clarify: how to sing using your diaphragm, how to breathe correctly to protect your singing voice.
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What could cause me to lose my voice? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
It could be cold water, too much yelling, improper singing technique (misuse of vocal chords) or simply eating unhealthy foods. There are quite a few possibilities.
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When should I use vibrato? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
You would usually use vibrato at the end of each line. You would also use it when you are holding out a note.
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How can I relieve anxiety-related tension? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
Deep breathing can help both anxiety and opening up your voice. Take some time every day to focus on your breathing, like meditation, and work on making it even and steady. Deep breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system which is the opposite of fight-or-flight; its action is to calm the body.
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I am simply a beginner. Is there any way I could learn faster? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
Singing is a skill. It takes time to learn, which is totally dependent on the learner. Singing should be learned the right way, which means with a professional vocal coach.
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How do I sing vibrato?
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Don’t go overboard. If you sing incorrectly, not only will you not produce a vibrato, but you will strain your voice.
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Vibrato happens when your voice shifts quickly between two pitches. The range of a vibrato can vary greatly. Some have a narrow vibrato, while others have a very wide vibrato.

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